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The company slogan “WE ONLY DO ONE THING, GRANT VISA GET PR” and “我们只专注于一件事,获得签证,拥有身份” does not guarantee or warranty the visa application submitted through us would have a hundred percent successful outcome, slogans are only representing for our professional attitude and experience.

All prices shown on this website are visa fees for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (excluding professional fees). The actual price will be subject to the official website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Reachings reserves all rights to change or update the contents of this website at any time without any notice. Please check the website regularly.

All information on this website is of a general nature and is for reference purposes only, it does not constitute any immigration advice or individual immigration advice. With the regular change and update of the Australia immigration law, each clients’ circumstances are different, we recommend you to speak with one of our Registered Migration Agent (RMA) for further immigration advice.

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