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We focus on only one thing, the one you care for most.

You are probably overwhelmed with all different kinds of migration advertisement; however, we know all you care about is to grant your visa and to get your PR.

In order to help our clients to achieve their goals, we would design the most suitable migration plan for them. We spend most of our time specializing in Migration Law, to understand and to maintain the latest legal knowledge and related procedure. No matter how complex or how difficult your situation is, through our unique standard operating procedure, we can develop a professional and effective migration plan for you.

We are serious about everything, but not to our clients.

Being a part of new migrants, we want to break the unequal relationship between professionals and clients. All we do is to listen to your voice, to take care of your feelings, and to solve your problems.

We are passionate about the migration industry and are willing to take challenges. When we help our clients to reach their goals, we have a strong sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Jeff Hung, the Principal Consultant, who has awarded an Australian Migration Law and Practice Graduate Certificate, a Qualified Education Agent Counsellors and is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

He is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). As we all know, Migration Regulations and policies are changing all the times. Therefore, being a member of MIA can ensure us keeping up with all the latest updates and trends in Migration Law and to provide the best possible service for every client. 

We are here for you now, come and visit us, we are always welcome.